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I think everyone will agree the course is in great condition considering the extreme wet weather we have had this summer. We look forward to the imminent arrival of our new Course Manager; I look forward to working closely with Steve to continue the excellent improvements being made here at Wensum Valley.

Golf Tuition:

I am running several ‘Get into golf’ courses throughout the summer, so if you have any family members or friends looking to take up the game, these courses are perfect for them. The courses teach all the basic fundamentals of the game and are only £20 for the 4 weeks.

Tip of the month:

Now that summer is here and the courses are drying out, the chipping method consisting of hands pressed forward and the ball played near your right foot (as a right hander) will create a chip or pitch with no back spin. Therefore you will see the ball bounding on and on, if not judged correctly. Try playing the ball in the middle of your feet, with your weight around 60% favouring your left foot and your hands level with the club head.  This will enable you to get the ball riding up the club face and help obtain a much better strike and inevitably shots with more backspin and control.

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